Geanie M. Roake
Freelance Writer / Blogger

9609 Royalty Lane
South Jordan, Utah
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WordPress Blog 2013 – 2016

The Library Lady Writes was a humor blog where I had a great time discussing whatever crossed my mind. This included everything from “Night of the Tarantula” (spider taking up residence in my underwear drawer), to “The Weed Wacker of Doom” A treatise on the absurdities of yardwork.

Fiver 2014 –2017

Web Content Writer  While working for I was employed by a variety of clients. I completed 624 articles and blog posts from 400 – 5,000 words apiece. Topics ranged from real estate and current events to lighter subjects like the “Joys of Bounce Houses”. All requested orders were completed and received five-star reviews.

WordPress Blog February 2019 – Present

The Library Lady Travels  This blog covers some of the fun experiences I’ve had while traveling. In addition, I highlight amazing libraries I see along the way and reveal some embarrassing moments in a series entitled Travel Blunders.

2013 – Present

Salt Lake County Library System – “Library Lady”
My days are divided between two great loves; the local library where I’m employed, and my home office where I spend many happy hours as a freelance writer and blogger.

I’ve included a link to my writing website, which includes a brief writing history. Also, some links to my favorite published articles:

St. Chapelle’s – Prepare to be Amazed – A fabulous cathedral in the heart of Paris.

Women DancingA favorite cruise memory.

Mysterious Caves of DrachA life-changing travel experience.