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The Following is one of 40 blog posts I created for Florida realtor, Tina Isrealson. I’ve also included a list of additional topics I’d be happy to cover.


Moving from Hesitant to Homeowner

Has house hunting become a way of life for you for?  Could you be a candidate for the shop till you drop hall of fame? If so, it may be time to move from hesitant to homeowner.  Think about it, your family and friends have taken the plunge and are enjoying the benefits of a place of their own.  Maybe you can too.

It’s Not That Scary if You Do Your Homework

  • Crunch the Numbers
    First, sit down with a calculator and figure out what it will cost each month to own the type of home you’re considering.  Start with the estimated monthly payment then add taxes, homeowner’s insurance, utilities and the approximate cost of repairs and upkeep. Not sure what these will be?
  • Talk to People Who Know:
    For a clearer view of your new expenses enlist the help of a pro. Talk to a realtor or financial expert who knows the facts. Also, there are multiple internet sites which offer budget and mortgage calculators. Easier still, sit down with your parents, or a good friend whose home is similar to the one you have in mind.  Ask what it costs to run their home, and base your figures on that.
  • Can You Do It?
    Once you understand what it will cost to own a home, the next step is to create a budget incorporating these new figures. Now comes the fun part. Put your plan into action by living your new budget for the next couple of months. Pay yourself the money you would have spent on mortgage payments etc. by socking it away in the bank. The great thing here is there’s no pressure since this is just an experiment. If it doesn’t work, stay where you are a little longer and continue to save.  If it does work, quit hesitating, it’s time to take the leap!

Once you know you can afford a home of your own, find a good realtor who can walk you through the home buying process. Then, get off the fence and get ready to move – into the house of your dreams.


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