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As a freelance writer, my job is to entertain, educate, and pique the interest of readers, clients, and potential customers. I work hard to provide quality copy for every employer and won’t quit until I get it right. In the past, I’ve written for a variety of mediums from magazines and newspapers, to digital copy. Featured here are a few of my favorites.


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Ten Weird and Wonderful Libraries – Listverse

Explosion, Fireball, Fire, Brand
A Blast From the Past – The Explosion that Rocked Salt Lake City, Utah Stories

6/16/2019 Listverse – 10 Crazy Facts About Big Bird,  Nonfiction article about the wild and crazy world of Big Bird.

5/31/2019 Listverse – 10 Shocking Man-Made Disasters. A nonfiction article chronicling strange and unexpected historical events.

Blossom Black Tree Birds Wall Decal
Wall Decal Designs – Product Descriptions. I’ve written product descriptions for hundreds of Wall Design’s products.  I also created their About Us Page.

Ireland 101 – Website copy. I’ve written several educational pieces on Irish DanceIrish theater, history, and famous people and places.

InformucateVideo scripts. I’ve written a variety of video scripts (about 50 in all) for Informucate, a video version of Wikipedia. This sample is on the women’s suffrage movement.

 The Library Lady Writes is my personal blog. Here are a couple of fun posts. 
      Learning to Fly
     Gardner’s Remorse
     Night of the Tarantula


This article entitled Boots are Her Bag  is a purse–onality piece which appeared in Country Woman Magazine. Sue is a fantastic crafter who turns worn-out cowboy boots into designer handbags.

download (1)Learning to Sail My Ship

This article appeared in Salt Lake City’s daily paper, the Deseret News. Its about being prepared for unexpected events.  A little forethought can save a lot of stress in the moment.

duke 1
The Nose Knows appeared in the Christian Science Monitor. It features a highly trained dog named Duke who can sniff out mold and other harmful substances which are invisible to the naked eye.




This Garden of Mine also appeared in the Christian Science Monitor. This piece is an editorial about the joys of gardening, and the benefits of being receptive to new people and ideas.


Sreview cover

Becoming a Bag Lady, appeared in Senior Review Vol 9 Number 3, April 2016

The Convenience of Permanent Makeup, Senior Review, Vol 9 Number 4, August 2017
Parting the Fog, Senior Review, Vol 9 Number 5, November 2017
How to Make the Most of Your Cruise, Senior Review Vol 9 Number 6, Mar 2017


Please contact me at LibraryladyRB@gmail.com so we can talk about your ideas and see if we’re a good match.  I love a challenge and work hard to get it right. I look forward to hearing from you.